Asset Factory Inc. is based out of Brooklyn NY specializing in Character Rigging, Motion Capture/Game Pipeline, Previz, and Educational/Training services.

First brought into production in 2006,   Asset Factory tools have been used on dozens of productions at over 25 studios.  

Asset Factory Inc. is owned and operated by Lee Wolland




Senior Character Artist and Technical Director with over 14 years industry experience. I have held a lead role in both Modeling and Rigging departments and also specialize in Motion Capture, Game, VR and Look Development.  I have 4 years experience as an educator and a background in Illustration.







"aRig was a pleasure to use in production.  It's set up intuitively and things just work the way an animator wants them to.  A rig that is simple to use yet has a lot of depth and lets you approach animating the way you want to (instead of the way you have to) is rare in my experience.  This rig is exactly that!  Highly recommended." 

Eric Luhta : Character Animator

Major Credits : Hortan Hears a Hoo!, Ice Age 3, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs


"I've animated aRig characters at several different studios with all kinds of different styles and project demands. The quality, flexibility and stability of the rigs far exceeds the level of most custom built rigs I've encountered at some of the best commercial studios in New York and even many feature film rigs"

Miles Southan: Animator Extraordinair

Major Credits : Surfs Up, Transformers 2, Ted


"aRig can handle everything from complex hand keyed animation to motion capture, and combinations of the two. It gives you enough control without over complicating what the animator needs to work with. When I jump into a scene I don't want to feel restricted in any way. I want to concentrate on one thing....animating. If you are in the market for an auto-rig that is both powerful and great to work with, I strongly recommend that you give aRig a try. "

Patrick Porter : Character Animator

Major Credits: Battlecry, World of Coke, One Rat


"Animating with aRig is extremely rewarding. It's powerful, flexible, and easy to use. I've personally used it on productions of all sizes and have always been impressed with its quality. It's reassuring to know I'm working with a tool that performs perfectly no matter what I throw at it. That's aRig."

Nick Johnnides: Animator at large

Major Credits: Norfolk Southern "City Of Possibilities", God Of War 3 Flashback Cinematics


"The aRig has proven to me once again that there is a character rigger out there that knows and listens to the expectations and needs of an animator. I have worked with this setup on several projects in the past year and half with the utmost satisfaction and a welcoming support from Asset Factory. The aRig makes it easy for animators to focus more on their animation with less technical worries and hassles."

Cesar Tafoya: Character/Creature Animator

Major Credits : Noah, Curious George, Skylanders,  Abby's Flying Fairy School


"Not only is aRig reliable and flexible, it is also a fairly lite rig.  With productions pushing towards the grand look of bigger crowd scenes, real time playback is never an issue with aRigs. I highly recommend it."

Jamil Lahham : Character Animator

Major Credits : Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Lessmore