F  A  C  E  /  R  I  G

F  A  C  E  /  R  I  G

The Asset Factory Auto Face Rig has been used for Commercial, Game Cinematic and Feature Film.  Great for cartoon, realistic, and motion capture animation.


FACS Input

The Face Rig is designed to work with the standardized FACS setup.  Shapes can be custom made or generated from facial capture.  Control over FACS are radial and not linear allowing for seamless blending between shapes.

Ribbon Controls

Control entire regions with behavioral deformations.  

Sticky Tweak Controls

Adjust individual influences for extreme detail and control.

Custom BlendShape Input

Custom shapes integrate seamlessly into the rig.

Motion Capture

Offset motion capture using all the face rigs main features.

Picker Support

Easily Access controls 

Auto Skinning

Animate faces without the requirement of blendshapes.




Available for Autodesk Maya 

No plug-ins required 

Motion Capture compatible*

Contour data compatible*

Unity compatible*

aRPicker compatible

aRig compatible