About Asset Factory Rigs

Auto Rigs save time but have compromises.  Our goal when creating aRigs™ was to see if we could not only remove those issues, but create new benefits from using an auto-rig.  Here are some common issues and the way aRigs has improved on the standard auto-rig.

Complicated GUI's and scripts make rigging and modifying characters difficult.

No more complicated GUI's for creating your character rig.  1 button rig creation.

I am almost finished rigging my character, but I don't like my joint placements.

Changing joint placement use to require rigs to be recreated.  Change joint placement on characters at any time.

My auto-rig does not have all the features I need and I am not good at scripting.

There is no scripting required.  Create your own iteration of any rig module and work directly in the Maya GUI to add anything you want.

We have a repeat client, but the rigs are outdated now.

Update any existing Rig asset with the latest version of a rig module or your own iteration easily.



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